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Creating a world class centre for lung cancer research builds on UCLH's existing reputation of being at the forefront of discovery and clinical excellence, and opens the opportunity to access more research grants, and deliver new discoveries in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, that will make a real and lasting difference to the cancer landscape, and the potential outlook for lung cancer patients.

Lungs for Living is a project at UCL Hospitals, supported and fundraised for, by UCLH Charitable Foundation. Read more about this partnership here.

Our internationally recognised researchers are currently based across the vast UCLH campus, making collaboration difficult.  Moving these researchers into a specific lung cancer/epithelial regeneration research facility will enable collection of tissue and sharing of clinical samples, joint use of facilities and fertilisation of ideas and grant applications.

We have a vision of creating a dedicated research centre that will combine cutting edge research equipment in a world class laboratory environment - the Lungs for Living Research Centre.  To achieve this we are raising funds to support our research as well as to cover the costs of refurbishing and equipping state of the art laboratories.  We aim to build on our current program of basic science discovery and translation into the clinic to deliver novel treatments for lung cancer patients nationally and internationally.

Your help is crucial in making this happen.  To support the Lungs for Living Fund you can donate via our Just Giving page.  Alternatively you can download a donation form and send us your gift through the post or you can call 020 3447 9558 to make a donation over the telephone.

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Thank you very much for your support.

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