Lung Biopsy

A lung biopsy is often taken using CT guidance.  You will have a further CT scan of your chest, and using the CT images the best area to take the biopsy from will be identified.  A local anaesthetic will be given to numb your skin and a needle will be passed through your skin into the lung.  The procedure often takes around 30 minutes.

Some people may have a biopsy using ultrasound.  Ultrasound uses sound waves to obtain pictures identifying what is happening within the body.  It is sometimes used to take samples of the lymph nodes in the neck, in a procedure called a fine needle aspiration.  If there is fluid surrounding your lung, ultrasound is often used to take a sample of this fluid.

Following a biopsy you will need to be observed for a couple of hours.  This is to ensure there has been no damage to the lung.