Other Tests

Lung Function Tests

Lung function tests involve breathing into a mouthpiece.  They are used to assess how well your lungs are working.  The results of these are used to decide whether surgery or radiotherapy would be good treatments for you.

Blood Tests

Your blood is often taken when being investigated for lung cancer.  By checking blood samples we can ensure your other organs, such as your kidneys and liver are working well.  This gives valuable information when deciding which investigations are needed and which treatments can be given.   Taking blood can also indicate whether the cancer may have spread.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to look inside the body.  It can be used to look more closely at your liver and kidneys, but can also be used to look inside the lung.  Often ultrasound is used to assess for fluid between the lung and the chest wall.  If there is fluid present, samples may be taken to obtain more information about what is causing the fluid.