The future

Our aim for the future is the successful delivery of the Lungs for Living Research Centre. The following projects are also underway and will be delivered in the near to medium future:

First human trial of stem cell therapy for treating lung cancer

Following on from our successful laboratory research showing that mesenchymal stem cells (MSC's) can home to and deliver TRAIL (TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand) to effectively treat cancer we plan to perform the first trial of this therapy in humans to treat advanced lung cancer.

The PEARL study (Photodynamic therapy for Early Airway Lung Cancer)

The development of squamous cell lung cancer is known to be preceded by pre-cancerous airway lesions. Clinical evidence from UCLH shows that 50-70% of patients with these lesions will develop invasive lung cancer. Currently, there is no known effective treatment for high grade pre-cancerous lesions. The PEARL study is a randomised control trial of PDT versus surveillance for treating these airway lesions with the primary aim being to see if PDT can prevent lung cancer development.

Lung cancer screening

Screening for lung cancer has been shown to be effective in reducing lung cancer specific death in a high risk population however its cost effectiveness in the UK health economy is yet to be proven. We aim to deliver the countries first implementation of lung cancer screening for our local population using novel strategies to reach individuals who may otherwise not engage with the screening process. We hope to deliver an efficient and effective service to improve the detection of early and curable lung cancers in North London.